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The importing division of J.K International Pty Ltd began on a small scale with just 50 product lines in 1985. Today, the importing division offers a range of over 2000 highly popular products, many of which carry the J.K Brand. The company is one of Australia's largest distributors of ethnic food products such as Rice, Spices, Prepacked Dhalls, Beans, Peas, Lentils, Flours and Edible Oils.

JK Brand: The Trusted Name In Quality Foods

JAIPUR - The Real Taste of India
To service the growing demand for premium quality Pickles, Pastes, Chutneys and Masalas, JK International's Importing Division has introduced a product which is immensely popular with consumers. With its attractive packaging and authentic taste, the brand is gaining significant consumer loyalty.

Jaipur Logos
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The company is also the sole distributor of QBB Brand Ghee in Australia which is recognised as the leading Ghee brand and the product of choice with consumers due to its excellent quality.

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